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Pregnant Mother and Child Expected to Recover After Being Kidnapped, Shot and Set on Fire


Warren, Michigan police say a nine months pregnant woman is expected to make a full recovery after suffering a despicable attack early Saturday at the hands of two men now in custody. The Detroit Free Press reports that with an accomplice, the father of the victim's baby abducted the woman from her home in Warren, drove her to a vacant lot in Detroit, then set on fire and shot the mother-to-be.

Police tell the Free Press that the father and second suspect were both arrested by Sunday, and are being held on attempted murder changers.

The 22-year-old pregnant woman was attacked Saturday leaving the father's house after seeing a movie with him. Warren Police Sgt. Dave Geffert tells the Free Press that the victim was approached from behind, and then had her hands, feet and eyes bound with duct tape. The woman was forced into a car and driven to an unknown location in Detroit where her vile attackers doused the nine months pregnant woman with lighter fluid, set on fire and then shot her in the upper back.

The attackers fled the scene, leaving the woman behind with the car. The abandoned victim was able to put the fire out quickly by rolling on the ground. Already burned and shot, the woman was somehow able to break free from the duct tape and drive to a Detroit gas station to call her mother to take her to a nearby hospital.

Officials have not released the woman's name or details of her injuries, but did say the baby appeared to be fine following an ultrasound examination. MyFoxDetroit reports that the victim is currently in labor:

Pregnant Woman Set On Fire & Shot:

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