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Did Community Organizers Bus Out Of State Protesters In To Support Chicago Teachers' Unions?

Did Community Organizers Bus Out Of State Protesters In To Support Chicago Teachers' Unions?

Remember when the Tea Party was being accused of being a deceitful, astroturf organization that was secretly on the payroll of secretive right wing organizations, and whose protesters weren't genuinely interested? Sure, you do. It was just one of the many evidence-free smears used by the Left to try and keep the nascent movement out of the mainstream.

Naturally enough, it didn't work - largely because there was no evidence for it, and because the Tea Party movement's motives weren't specific or myopic enough to have come from interest groups. However, the same cannot be said for the numerous Leftist protest movements, most of which are focused on getting goodies for one particular interest group, and thus often require more than just the members of those groups to support them.

Exhibit A: Chicago's Teachers' Unions, who recently protested against Chicago's Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, for doing something or other they didn't like, and embarrassed themselves in the process. Not only that, but a few of the protesters inadvertently disclosed something suspicious about their affiliations.

EAGnews put up two videos showing the absurdity of the protests - the first hints at the suspicious element while also showing some highly amusing clips of the protesters, but the second goes further into depth and really shows where it comes in. First, the highly entertaining summary clip:

EAGnews' description of this video should suffice as a preview:

EAGnews caught some humorous sights and sounds from the day, including protesters bused in from Detroit to hold up signs they didn’t understand, as well as a union activist marching uniformly, chanting in rhythm with the collective, only to explain she’s an individual and not a robot!

Other hilarity includes the familiar “Yes We Can” chant, as well as a failed attempt to employ the “mic check” tactic of the Occupy protests.

And then there's the second video, which takes a shorter segment from the first video and extends it to demonstrate something rather odd:

Did you catch that? The protesters claim they're not even from Chicago (despite holding signs that say "This is our Chicago"), but were bussed in from Detroit by a group called "Good Jobs Now."

So the question arises - who exactly is "Good Jobs Now?" The answer is that they are a Detroit-specific Community Organizing outfit apparently devoted to such standard Leftist hobbyhorses as preventing Voter ID laws and protesting pay cuts for public sector workers. Take a look at some photos from some of their previous events to get a general idea of the tenor of the group's attitude:

And that's just in Detroit. Heaven knows where else they've been. However, one niggling question remains - why are they involved in Chicago? How does this help a group like this at all, given that the group's mission statement says nothing about involvement in other states? After all, those bus tickets don't come cheap. Wouldn't their efforts be better spent elsewhere?

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