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This Is Occupy Wall Street's 'Summer Disobedience School Workbook' (Make Sure You See the 'Extra Credit')

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With the first day of summer a little more than a month away, Occupy Wall Street is getting into the swing

According to its Facebook page, "Summer Disobedience School" is a 12-week course to gear up for a summer full of "disrupting banks, corporations and the state." It will graduate "a full-on revolutionary force" just in time for a city-wide shutdown on Sept. 17 -- the one-year anniversary since Occupy began.

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From the "curriculum":

Each week, we will develop the group affinities, technical skill-sets and operational roles necessary for successful actions, such as target-scouting, march-pacing, research & messaging, mic-checking, banner-deployment, communications coordination, media documentation, and police liaison. We will also hone and expand the tactical vocabulary used during #SpringTraining. Emphasis will be placed on infiltrations, interruptions, slowdowns, and blockades undertaken by small action-teams rather than unified mass demonstrations.

The first session was held Saturday; a video posted to the group's Facebook page says demonstrators converged on the steps of Times Square for the first installment of the "People's Alarm":

A "Summer Disobedience School Workbook" posted online has "action planning" from noted left-wing activist organizer Lisa Fithian, a "know your rights" guide and three pages of songs:

But the fun doesn't end there: The workbook also features some creative activities. You can "draw a scene from your action," color in a fist-raising, blank-eyed Occupy rabbit, or complete the maze to "move your money from the big banks" to the credit union:

There's homework: Follow up by posting photos, video and write-ups to Facebook and Twitter. And for those who make it through the entire workbook, there's some "extra credit":

If any fellow colleagues are kept in afterschool detention (jail), please make sure your AG follows through with jail support.

You can read the entire thing here.

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