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Read the Epic 2-Page Letter a Guy Left His Roommate After Stealing Some Milk -- And You'll Want to Read It


"The milk meant more to me than you'll ever know."

Think back. Remember the days you were in college, or maybe fresh out of school and living with some roommates? Heck, maybe you even live with some now. Have you ever stolen something from one of your past or current roommates? Have you ever had the guts to admit it? And if you have, how did you do it? Well, the way one guy did it has gone viral. And once you see how, you'll understand why.

"My roommate is a writer, this is what he left after stealing some milk... ." That's the title one guy left on the popular site Reddit. It links to a picture of a two page paper outlining a lengthy explanation.

"Mark," the hilarious and detailed letter begins. "Right about now you might be thinking, 'Hey, what happened to my milk? It looks like somebody opened it and drank some of it.'"

The Daily Mail explains what he then goes on to say: "He goes on to share, in painstaking detail, the  thoughts that crossed his mind when he opted to take the milk, ranging from contemplations on Dr Seuss to the acclaimed film Milk."

"Now, I could have gone through your room looking for some cash to take from you or perhaps goods to trade, but I thought you wouldn't like that. So, as I'm positive you would have wanted, I took the best course of action: taking some of your milk," the roommate, who signs the letter "Alexander 'Crab Claw' Koplow," writes.

He justifies it by mentioning a beer the roommate offered him the night before, which he declined: he chose to steal the milk instead.

"If you disagree with this decision, you really have no one to blame but yourself. I was simply acting on your behalf."

"The milk meant more to me than you'll ever know," he concludes. "The next time I'm in a position like the one i was in last night, I'll feel confident that the right hing to do is drink your milk. You're a giver. It's just your nature. I love that about you."

What can you say, he's a writer.

You can read the entire thing below (or if it's too small, just click to the original):

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