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The Blaze Magazine, June 2012: Contents


The Blaze Magazine--June 2012: Contents


*Our troops are taking fire from the home front: The Obama administration isn't a fan; too many liberal progressives want to see them decimated; and Islamists are striking against them on American soil. Who actually has our military's best interests in mind?


*The Occupy movement of history: Radicals pushing for the end up capitalism aren't as new as they'd like to think

*Marriage for sale: How President Obama's change on same-sex marriage really came to be

*New from Blaze Books: A summer reading list for conservatives

*Veepstakes 2012: Who's Vegas banking on for a Romney running-mate?

*Anti-free speech GOP progressive John McCain is at it again


  • Taking Fire From the Home Front

    The U.S. military is under a domestic attack—from the administration, American citizens and Islamist groups. Who has their best interests in mind if the government doesn’t?


  • Occupy the Great Depression

    The radical activists “occupying” everything and touting the benefits of socialism and communism these days aren’t new. FDR had to face a movement that embraced the efforts of the Soviet Union—and backed Hitler’s Germany.

  • Selling Marriage to the Highest Bidder

    Did President Obama have an actual change of heart on same-sex nuptials? Or is the real story of his “evolution” one of cash, power, politics and media manipulation?


  • Keeping an Eye on 'Those Guys': Michelle Goldberg, Cecile Richards, John McCain, David Letterman, Stephen Lerner and more


  • Notre Dame Joins Catholic Leaders' Lawsuit Against Obama Administration
  • 'Economic Contractions the Size of the Great Recession' Needed to Curb Global Warming
  • Dem Senate Leader Suddenly Concerned About Future of GOP
  • How Is His a Federal Responsibility?
  • State Seeking Kids' Secrets
  • New Civility: Romney the Rapist?
  • Hard-core Leftist: Sarah Palin Was Right
  • Grease Emergency
  • Castro Progeny Cheers Gay Marriage, Gets U.S. Visa
  • More Death Threats for Another Palin
  • Dueling Billboards: Organizations Battle Climate Change Positions for All to See


  • MTV Scraps Reality Show About Losing Virginity
  • Haters Keeping Blowhard out of Oval Office?
  • Could Superman Be Gay?
  • Muslims Get Gaga Canceled
  • Somebody Needs Attention
  • Anti-Mother'd Day Movement
  • Penn Jillette: Obama vs. Federalism


  • Entitlement Spending on Track to Almost Double by 2050
  • ObamaCare Budget Gimmicks Price Tag
  • Residential Electricity Prices Set to ('Necessarily') Soar
  • Ask Vegas: Who Will Romney Tap for VP?


  • Joe Kerry: At the Helm of Mercury One

TOP 10

  • Top 10 New Books for Summer Reading

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