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What Is the Mystery Ship Discovered at the Bottom of the Ocean Near Texas?

(Photo: NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program via National Geographic)

Muskets. Beer bottles. An anchor. Oh my.

These are just some of the contents revealed in a recent exploration to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas where a team has found what is considered an unknown sunken ship.

National Geographic reports researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management were first alerted to the potential of something down there while sonar was being used in a 2011 search for oil.

The researchers officially found the 80-foot long vessel during a 56 day expedition in the gulf. It is thought to have sunk as long as 200 years ago.

According to National Geographic, maritime archaeologist Frank Cantelas said they have not yet determined any more historical information about the ship, but, given the presence of muskets and cannons, they think it could have been a privateer. Cantelas says he thinks it could have been involved in the War of 1812 or the Mexican-American War from 1846 to 1848.

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