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Why Does This Man Dress Like Jesus and Carry a Giant Cross Around New York?
Image Credit: Carol Moran/27East.com

Why Does This Man Dress Like Jesus and Carry a Giant Cross Around New York?

"I’m not stopping unless the Rapture comes and I die in the road."

On Thursday, The Blaze's Mike Opelka was certain he saw an individual who looked like Jesus Christ holding a cross and walking down a Long Island, New York, highway. Now, normally, people would hear such a statement and silently worry about the individual's sanity who uttered it. But, alas, Opelka was correct in that a man was, indeed, walking around in ancient-looking garb and with a giant cross in hand -- but why?

Robert Wood -- the man Opelka saw strolling gingerly along the road -- is on a mission to show the world that every man, woman and child needs Jesus Christ. So, the 55-year-old takes to various localities (most recently, the Montauk Highway) dressed in robes, scarves and the like, and with a cross strapped to his outfit, to draw attention to the God he so intensely embraces. His overall goal is to convince Americans that it's time to turn back to the Lord.

"I’m a blood-washed, Holy Ghost-filled, tongues-talking, Bible-walking child of God,” he told 27East.com. "I’m drawing attention to Jesus because everyone needs him."

On April 30, Wood left Freeport, New York, and began walking toward Montauk Point. The journey is part of his five-year journey across New York State. Once he reaches Montauk Point, his goal is to turn around and walk toward Brooklyn. These strolling trips, apparently always done in costume, have been undertaken by Wood for more than two decades.

"It’s been 22 years," he continued. "I’m not stopping unless the Rapture comes and I die in the road."

While some may see his antics as extreme, others, especially after learning his story, may come to respect his fervent beliefs and his determination to make the gospel heard. At the age of 16, Wood found himself on the streets after become an orphan. Before long, he fell into a life of male prostitution -- that is, until 30 year ago when he says he "got saved."

It was in 1990 that he claims the Lord instructed him to go to Texas. He abandoned his job as an exterminator in Freeport and he off he went. Once he was there, he said he felt God telling him to walk with a cross -- so he complied and has never stopped since.

Being back in New York, Wood is continuing his trek with no end in sight. Interestingly, the way in which individuals respond to him is intriguing. Here's a video, captured on a cell phone, of him journeying through Long Island:

27East.com has more about the community's reaction:

On his back on Tuesday he carried a weathered leather backpack containing only scriptures and bottles of water given to him by strangers. One such stranger, Audrey Catera of East Moriches, pulled into the parking lot of the Casa Basso restaurant on Montauk Highway in Westhampton to meet Mr. Wood on the road and give him a bottle of water. She said her husband had seen Mr. Wood earlier in the day, and it excited her because she had studied the Bible. “I had to come and see why,” Ms. Catera said.

Earlier, a man pulled off the road and hopped down from his blue truck to hand Mr. Wood another bottle of water and drove off without saying a word. Though he has never had any companions on his journey, Mr. Wood said people frequently give him food, water and even money.

If you're in New York, keep an eye out, as Wood may be making his way to your town or city. Regardless of whether his antics do, indeed, being people to accept Christian doctrine, he's certainly succeeding in capturing intrigue and attention.

(H/T: 27East.com)

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