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Was a 'Church-Going Daddy's Girl' Arrested Because She Likes to Blow Up Toilets on Her Property?


"I wish the government would stay out of her business or my business or whoever's."

A college student in Georgia is sitting in jail following a raid on her family home by the FBI, ATF and officers from several local law enforcement agencies.

23-year-old Celia Savage has been charged with illegally possessing a destructive device, as well as possession of a firearm while being an unlawful user of a controlled substance. Her father says she is not guilty.

The multi-agency raid was conducted at the family's home in Cornelia, Ga. on May 30. Ms. Savage was arrested and charged, due to arraigned Friday in federal court. The hearing was postponed to next week. Until then, she remains in jail, held without bond.

The FBI alleges that Ms. Savage admitted to making as many as seven pipe bombs and exploding them as a "hobby." Until late Friday, there was a YouTube video purporting to show Savage lighting a fuse on a bomb that would explode a commode in the woods.

The video of the exploding toilet has since been "removed by user."

Watch a local ABC affiliate report on the story:


Reviewing Celia Savage's Facebook postings (below), one can see why authorities might have cause to speak with her. In her personal information, she posted the following:

Savage also describes herself as a Christian and an anarchist and then adds some quotes that reflect her philosophy.

Many are wondering why a multi-agency raid with a "small army" was needed. Perhaps it was the quotes Ms. Savage posted that raised the feds' eyebrows. Or was this something else?

One online supporter alleged the raid was triggered by a personal dispute. He wrote that a call to the ATF was made by someone holding a grudge against the young lady:

This is not a girl that "they" have been watching for years and following her because she is "shady" (yeah right)...this is a girl that last week someone decided to make a call to authorities and destroy her life because of a personal vendetta...This is so sad...I wish you the best 


According to several news reports, both father and daughter share a general dislike of intrusive government agencies. Tommy Savage has been quoted as saying:

"I think everybody ought to be able to stay on their property, do whatever the heck they want to... I wish the government would stay out of her business or my business or whoever's."

The Blaze did speak with Tommy Savage about the situation with his daughter. He said he was not able to release any public statements, but did maintain his belief that his child is innocent.

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