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Caption that photo!: The winner


We asked you on Friday to caption that photo of a curious little boy feeling President Barack Obama's head...

The winner:

"Kid: what’s this?

Obama: I don’t know.

Kid: it’s a brain sucking monster. guess what’s it doing

Obama: what?

Kid: Starving."-- JUBIE


"Knock, knock. Hmm... Nobody home.”-- CTEC67

"Shortly afterwards, Obama realized that it wasn’t Gary Coleman, so there was no need to bow."-- BALROG28

"I now dub thee the first man-child President."-- KICKINBACK

"Yeah kid, it’s really afro-turf."-- BANTER

"OK brainless fool. Who won’t you bow to?"-- OHOH54

"Yep there it is, Made in Kenya."-- NEEDANOTHEREAGAN

"See, now that is why I fly my barber first class."-- NOWYOUBEYOU

"This is my position on gay marriage."-- BLAZINBAKEDBEANS

"Knock on wood!"-- DIABLO4965


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