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You Can't Make This Up: Artist Transforms His Dead Cat Into Flying Quadrotor


"half cat, half machine"

We've seen a lot of quadrotor drones here at the Blaze but never expected to see anything like this. An artist has taken similar technology -- a remote-controlled Lotus T580 -- and made it into a feline's ultimate revenge against its taunting feathered friends.

Meet the "Orvillecopter" created by Dutch artist Bart Jansen. Jansen took his taxidermied cat -- Orville -- and strapped him to four of these remote controlled helicopters. Check out his first semi-successful test from March:

As the YouTube description states, the Orvillecopter is "half cat, half machine." Orville, if you hadn't guessed already, was named after Orville Wright of the famed Wright Brothers. Although killed by a car, Orville can now chase the birds -- or at least cows -- he used to watch while being constrained to the ground during his earthly life.

GeekOSystem writes the Orvillecopter has also more recently received some more powerful upgrades to improve flight. See that version here:

Here's another from later in May documenting a "final test" of the "cat 'copter":

If you by chance are in Amsterdam, you can view the Orvillecopter in person at the Kunstrai art festival.

[H/T Buzzfeed]

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