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You Could See Green Flares Fly Out': Parents Burned by Firework Mishap During Graduation Ceremony


"It wasn't just an explosive firework, it was the kind that had the green flower."

(Image: WTLV screenshot)

One might say the most recent graduates of Baker County High School in Florida left parents going "oh, oh oh" during a dance routine to Katy Perry's "Firework." The choreographed scene at the graduation ceremony was complete with live fireworks but ended up going completely wrong.

According to  the Florida Times-Union, what was meant to be a celebratory "flashmob-style" show for parents by the students and faculty, ended up injuring six when one of the fireworks detonated improperly. The diplomas had been passed out at the Friday night graduation when Perry's song began blaring over the speakers and graduates started their routine. The first fireworks began going off normally, but Mike Wawzynski, who had a front row seat in the bleachers, said one was delayed and shot beneath the stands holding hundreds:

"I was about 4 to 5 inches from it when it went off," Wawzynski said. "You could see the green flares fly out. It wasn't just an explosive firework, it was the kind that had the green flower."

Watch this WTLV report complete with some raw footage of the scene:

Wawzynski told the Times-Union he felt the firefighters setting off the explosives were "ill-prepared." Director of Baker County Emergency Services David Richardson said the incident was rare and the minor injuries were treated onsite.

Richardson is also reported as saying that there are conflicting stories as to what actually happened, but authorities are piecing it together. For example, Wawzynski is reported as saying the firework landed under the bleachers, whereas WTLV states that it landed in front of the stands.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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