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Beck's Viewers Rally, Fill 11 Tractor-Trailers With Food for the Needy in Just One Hour


It all started with a bowl of soup.

On Wednesday evening, Glenn Beck unveiled the third stage of his four-part plan to reclaim America with an emphasis on charitable giving. Beck was inspired by Paulina, a righteous gentile who saved 500 lives during the Holocaust by feeding its victims. Conversely, he was equally disturbed by the fact that perfectly good meals donated to soup kitchens across America are being turned away in droves due to Nanny State regulations. Incredibly, within just one hour of Beck's broadcast, over 500,000 meals were donated by the GBTV audience, filling 11 tractor-trailers. 

Now, the goal is to fill 25 tractor-trailers with food for the needy. Details on Beck's food drive can be found at GlennBeck.com

Watch below as Beck and his co-hosts prove that the Left does not corner the market on charity:

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