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Bizarre: Would-Be Robber Gets Spanked on Bare Buttocks and... 'Bear-Sprayed' by Shopkeepers


You don't see this everyday...

A convenience store owner in Canada turned the tables on a pair of would-be robbers by using "bear spray" to stop the crooks in their tracks. As of Friday, both men were taken into custody. However, before the crooks ended up in jail, one of the robbers was bent over the store's counter by the owner and spanked on his bare butt. Yes, we said spanked.

It was minutes before closing time when a pair of hoodie-wearing, masked crooks entered the store in a suburb of Ottowa. They flashed knives and demanded cash from the owner Zhen Yang. The quick-thinking Yang grabbed a can of something typically used to keep bears away, a product called "Counter Assault."

The powerful pepper spray product that stopped the robbers in their tracks is meant to be used as bears approach from a great distance. You can see just how strong the spray is when Yang deploys it inside the store.

One of the crooks ran, but the other one was grabbed, bent over the counter and spanked by the store owner. Don't believe us? Watch the video from the store's security camera.

But there was a little more "street justice" to be doled out as members of the Yang family came downstairs from their second-floor apartment to help Zhen. (Content warning: In this video posted by the Toronto Sun, Yang's wife delivers several kicks to the robber's head and her husband spanks the man's naked buttocks.)

Police in Canada did arrest both of the men who tried to rob the Zhen's store. However, they also warned the family about taking the law into their own hands.

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