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Sorry; this isn't Mitt Romney struggling to identify a donut


Back in April there was a little buzz about Mitt Romney allegedly making "a gay-guy impression" in a behind-the-scenes video leaked from Fox News. As I wrote at the time, you needed your "gay-voice hearing aid" to actually catch it.

Today BuzzFeed posted a clip from CNN of Romney at an apparent campaign stop in a small restaurant. The video is headlined "Mitt Romney Struggles To Identify A Donut."

The smoking gun: Before getting up from the table, Romney points to a plate of donuts and says to someone off camera "Can you see that one of those chocolate, um... uh... chocolate goodies finds its way to our ride?” Everyone laughs.

Jesus, how out of touch can the man be?!

Actually, it just sounds like Romney is struggling to say the word "goodies" in what he knows will be a funny moment. Not a master of spontaneity. But not a complete idiot, either.

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