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Teen Radio Host Who Ranted Against Gays Dropped From Online Radio Platform

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The 14-year-old radio host whose comments about gays ignited a firestorm this week has been dropped from the online radio platform Spreaker.

The page that was once the home to "The Caiden Cowger Program" now returns an error message saying the show is no longer available and has been deleted due to "offensive contents."

In Cowger's now-viral rant against homosexuality, the West Virginia teen called being gay a choice, not the way someone is born.

From The Blaze's original report:

Cowger says that homosexuality is “not mandatory in that person. That person was not born that way, no matter what Lady Gaga says.” He explains that he feels homosexuality is becoming more prevalent in society. Why is this? According to Cowger, “it‘s because they’re being encouraged by it.”

He goes as far to say President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are “making kids gay.”

Cowger does say that he is against bullying of homosexuals but feels “when you’re trying to teach them the word of God and they consider that bullying” this is a problem. He says that it is a getting to a point where he can’t express his beliefs to homosexuals about God anymore.

According to Spreaker's community guidelines, the site does not allow "disparaging or defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, racial hatred, discrimination of any kind, offensive cultural behaviour, vulgar or obscene content, or other inappropriate behaviour" and has the right to remove offensive content "without notice."

Earlier this week, Cowger wrote on his website that his original YouTube page had been hacked and shut down. He has since started posting videos to a new channel.

In an email to The Blaze on Saturday, Cowger said he was looking for an alternative way to broadcast his show. Until then, he said he'd be sticking with YouTube.

"If the truth is going to be marked as offensive, then the truth is tainted," Cowger wrote. "It was Harry Truman that said, 'People tell me that I give them hell. I give them the truth, and they think it is hell.'"

Cowger's original monologue is below:

This post has been updated since it was first published with comments from Cowger.

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