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Real News From The Blaze': Holder in Hot Water - Committee to Vote on Contempt


For only the fourth time in 30 years, Congress has launched a contempt action against a member of the Executive branch. The Los Angeles Times reports that the House Oversight And Government Reform Committee will vote on whether United States Attorney General Eric Holder is in contempt of Congress,on Wednesday June 20. Once the committee approves the contempt citation, it will likely move to the full House for a vote. The motion comes as House Republicans led by Oversight Committee Chairman Darryl Issa have pushed against the Justice Department and Holder for failing to turn over documents subpoenaed on October 12, 2011 regarding the Fast and Furious investigation.

The Justice Department claims they have cooperated with Congress throughout the investigation, having already turned over thousands of documents and having Holder testify to Congress on the topic already eight times. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney strongly defended the Attorney General's cooperation while speaking with reporters Monday. Roll Call reports that Carney said Holder has taken the allegations "very seriously," before adding that the Justice Department has handed over more than 7,600 pages of documents to the committee and has already appeared before Congress to discuss the scandal many times.

Rep. Issa still claims that the Justice Department has refused to turn over tens of thousands of pages of documents, including materials created after Feb. 4, 2011, when the Justice Department wrote a letter to Congress saying no gunwalking had occurred, which the department later retracted.

"Real News"opened Monday with guest Jordan Sekulow of the ACLJ to debate whether this situation is contempt, and how it compares to the only other instances when a member of the Executive Branch encountered this situation. Watch a clip from the segment below:


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