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Doctors Release New Photos of 'Miami Cannibal' Victim's Face (Warning: Graphic)


"His left eye is gone..."

WARNING: This article includes disturbing themes and extremely graphic images. Please be advised.

We already told you about the horrifying photos of the "Miami Zombie" victim's face. The images, so disturbing that we chose not to publish them, showcased the terrifying fallout from the use of a drug that has become known as "bath salts." Earlier today, new images of Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who was attacked by so-called cannibal Rudy Eugene late last month, were released by doctors.

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These pictures, slightly less disturbing that those previously published, expose just how much of Popp's face that is missing (doctors claim 50 percent of it was chewed off) as a result of the attack. Despite the terrifying images, medical professionals claim that the victim is progressing well.

Jackson Memorial Hospital medical professionals in Miami claim he's awake and walking around with the help of hospital staff. Here's an image showing just that:

One of the pictures that was released shows Poppo's face covered in scabs. In it, the victim is also missing his nose and his eye sockets are covered. Despite these terrible images, he is talking and has been somewhat upbeat. Below, see another image that shows the extensive damage he sustained to his face:

"His left eye is gone, it was gouged out during the attack, but his right eye is still there, said doctors at the Tuesday afternoon news conference," reports CBS Miami. "It’s not known yet whether he has any vision in his right eye, it remains bandaged up. They hope he’ll have a little vision left."

Considering these pictures, Poppo likely has a long recovery -- and many surgeries -- ahead of him.

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