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Viral Vid: NYC Subway Daredevils Pull of Dangerous Platform-Jumping Stunt

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Daredevils have come up with a slew of different ways to turn the New York City subway system into their own playground.

In the past, the Blaze has covered the dangerous stunts of those who cling to the side or stand on top of New York City subway trains -- known as subway surfing and skylarking. Now, two men are caught jumping from platform to platform in a video posted to YouTube.

The video description simply reads "parkour." The Huffington Post reports the two men are at the D stop at Ninth Avenue and 39th Street in Brooklyn.

They are clearly thrilled with their performance, whooping after making it across. They then run away -- not up for a repeat performance or getting caught by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Watch them for yourself:

The rather simple stunt -- although it is a big jump, we posted crazier daredevils before -- has begun going viral on the web since its posting on YouTube two days ago. ABC News reports the MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz saying the viral nature of many of these videos is concerning as it “encourages the behavior, and encourages copycats."

[H/T Daily Mail]

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