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What Bones Weren't Broken in This Hollywood Stunt Gone Wrong?


"there's always going to be stunts that aren't successful"

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A 23-year-old stuntman on a motocross bike shooting for a movie trailer was left with a broken neck, collarbone, lower back, pelvis, ribs and both arms during a failed stunt.

CBS News reports Mike Gaboff sped up a six-story ramp and was supposed to land into the lake, but instead went too far and slammed onto the asphalt on the other side.

Watch the report with footage of the accident:

The Messanger Press in Millstone, New Jersey, reported that the event took place in April, but it is just now starting to go viral on the web. The Messanger Press has more from Gaboff's mother on his condition at the end of May as well as some other trials he is facing as a result of the accident:

”He is very positive and determined to get better,” Mrs. Gaboff said. “That’s important because you need to be positive in this situation.”

Nevertheless, Mike still is facing a long, painful recovery 2,375 miles away from his home and family in Millstone. His medical bills also are mounting so friends have stepped up to organize a series of fundraisers for the family.

Mrs. Gaboff said Mike does not qualify under workers compensation for medical benefits for his job-related injuries because he was hired to do the stunt as an “independent contractor” and was, therefore, not an employee of Break Media or Sony.

And since Mike is not a resident of California, he does not qualify for any of the health-care programs in that state for people with catastrophic injuries.

In addition to breaking multiple bones, he also suffered burns and a collapsed lung. With physical therapy -- and lots of time -- Gaboff most likely will learn to walk again.

The Messanger Press notes that Gaboff was on the Dr. Phil show a couple years ago where he acknowledged some of the risks associated with his job but said doing this is what made him happy and "there's always going to be stunts that aren't successful." This was one of them.

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