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Beck Interviews Dad Who's Teaching Kids the Skills of Entrepreneurship Through...Lemonade


This is the American Dream.

Glenn Beck and his team at GBTV finally launched their national lemonade stand and bake sale day -- an event that celebrated entrepreneurship and the spirit of American giving all at the same time. The turnout was immense, comprising people of all walks, who sought to be part of a community-wide push against big government regulation. Below, Beck talks about the driving forces behind the event, and explained why he hopes Americans will continue to set up lemonade stands long after the day is done:

Below, Beck interviews Michael Holthouse, founder of a non-profit dubbed "Lemonade Day," and his daughter. Their organization teaches children the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and how, through the American Dream, can become anything they want to be -- and in today's day and age where a college education doesn't guarantee anyone a job, this may be the most valuable skill one needs to learn. Watch below:

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