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Appropriate? Romney Bus Reportedly Drove Circles Around Obama Supporters While Honking Before Today's Speech


"Maybe Anna Wintour will design a scarf to muffle the sound"

While the 2012 presidential candidates are busy promoting their competing economic visions for the country, their fans are engaged in more juvenile forms of competition.

Witnesses on the scene of Obama's speech in Ohio today report that Mitt Romney's campaign bus-- emblazoned with the official logo-- drove circles around the president's supporters while honking the horn and taunting the crowd.

The president's fans reportedly returned the honks with jeers and boos.

CBS News' Sarah Boxer and Mark Knoller corroborated the story, Knoller tweeting: "Romney Campaign bus-- emblazoned with Romney Campaign logo-- is driving around Pres Obama's speech site honking its horn."

BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller also confirmed the shenanigans, writing an article about the matter.

While the president's supporters are endeavoring to maintain the higher ground, saying, "More juvenile tactics from Romney," and "If campaigns are a reflection of their candidates, what do the Romney campaign's antics say about [Mitt Romney]?" the most vociferous of Romney supporters seem to welcome the move.

Nearly 200 commenters have weighed in on the conservative site Weasel Zippers, explaining:

-That is rude, low class and obnoxious...And EXACTLY what the Obama campaign and especially their unhinged Occupy-style minions would do if given the opportunity...I absolutely condemn and deplore such activity.  Or at least I will when I stop laughing.

-Ha! Ok, I’m starting to like all these little jabs from Romney.

-It’s a good thing the Obama campaign doesn’t have a mascot, because if they did you can be damn sure Mitt Romney campaign would steal it.

-I’m beginning to think they are actually willing to take the gloves off in this election.

-Nobody is reporting how the president is throwing the American people under his campaign buses.

However, there are a number of Republicans who believe the prank demeans the office of the presidency:

-We currently have a president with zero class. Is this who we’re going to get to replace him?  Be a bigger man next time.

-I support Mitt fully but do not like this behavior. It is unnecessary and counter-productive.

-What a dumb stunt. Mitt should fire whoever dreamt this up.

As for the Romney campaign, at least one aide is not retreating.

Rick Gorka, a traveling press secretary for Mitt Romney, responded to Zeke Miller's tweets: "Maybe Anna Wintour will design a scarf to muffle the sound," mocking Obama's campaign fundraiser with the editor-in-chief of Vogue.

So what do you think?  Does it make Mitt Romney seem less presidential to have his campaign bus taunting Obama supporters, or is it a harmless prank that ultimately galvanizes many who were previously un-inspired by the Republican nominee?

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