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Happy flag day!


Today is a celebration of our nation's flag -- a true symbol of freedom -- and of those who fight to defend it.

Via Liberty Treehouse:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD GLORY! We know you were "born" (i.e. adopted by the 2nd Continental Congress) 235 years ago, today, but honestly, thanks to those 26 makeovers, you still look amazing. Okay, so maybe you've added a few more white stars to the original 13, but you continue to rock those red & white stripes! Speaking of stripes and/or stars: the idea of 13 stripes to represent 13 colonies/13 stars on a field of blue to symbolize the formation of a new "constellation" was GENIUS! The fact that you "arrived" 2 years after Congress approved funding for our Nation's 1st military branch, is WAY cool, too, for it gives us a chance to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, U.S. ARMY!

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