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He's Baaack: CNN's Liberal Crying Man Challenged by Conservative Radio Host During Testy Interview


"You know what democracy is, right?"

Remember CNN's crying man? I'm sure you do. He's the liberal Wisconsin voter that broke down on live TV and claimed democracy had "died" because Gov. Scott Walker won the recall election. His video was viral gold. Well guess what: he's baaaack.

The sobbing protester apparently wasn't content with just his 15-minutes of fame (or is it shame?). A blogger named Badger Pundit -- presumably a Wisconsin resident -- put together a video highlighting some of  protester's calls into local radio shows. In fact, he tussled with conservative host Vicki McKenna.

After the protester, "Mike," called in and identified himself as the "crying guy," McKenna challenged him to explain how democracy is dead when there have been four recent elections.

He really couldn't.

Just as he did in the CNN interview, "Mike" went on to claim that the election was all about money, saying Tom Barrett was outspent by ridiculous amounts (which The Blaze has already debunked in part). And when challenged to explain how millions of people voting isn't the "will of the people," he couldn't. And the ironic part comes when, after throwing out dollar figures, he uses the phrase "we don't know the actual amount yet" to try and prove his point (he also hinted that the media was on the side of Walker, but McKenna's in-studio guest tears that theory apart).

Listen to the call starting at 3:20 below (and be sure to pay attention for the fireworks that involve the line "piss in the corners of the capitol rotunda"):

But "Mike" wasn't done there. He also called into a more friendly, liberal show. And that explains why I'm using the scare quotes around the name "Mike." See, Badger Pundit noticed that when "Mike" called into a liberal show, he was referred to as a regular caller named "Vinny" (starting at 5:12):

It's important to note the article McKenna references numerous times. That article by the Wisconsin State Journal says that its "analysis challenges the narratives both sides have been telling about the other." That analysis, it should be noted, is about money coming in, not money being spent (Walker still outspend Barrett). Here's its conclusion from just a couple weeks before the election:

Altogether, at least $77.1 million surged into Wisconsin campaigns and political groups between Jan. 1, 2011 — two days before Walker took office — and April 23 of this year, according to campaign finance statements filed with the state Government Accountability Board.

The period covers the first 16 months of Walker’s tenure, including his controversial measure to effectively eliminate public sector collective bargaining, which turned the state into a national battleground and sparked 15 recall elections.

The bulk of that money — $71.9 million — was split about in half between Democratic candidates and affiliated organizations, and Republican candidates and their affiliated groups. [Emphasis added]

“The perception out there is that the Republicans are much more flush with cash, and that isn’t supported here,” Katherine Cramer Walsh, a UW-Madison associate professor of political science, told the Journal.

(H/T: Instapundit)

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