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Real News From The Blaze': What's Next in Egypt After Court Dissolves Parliament?


The Associated Press reports that Egyptian judges appointed by Hosni Mubarak dissolved the nation's parliament Thursday and ruled his former prime minister eligible for the presidential runoff election this weekend - setting the stage for the military and remnants of the old regime to stay in power. With this action, the fundamentalist Islamic Brotherhood took a major blow after having democratically secured a strong majority of seats in the previous election. The move has significantly stunted the nation's democratic transition, leaving observers across the world on the edge of their seat to see what repercussions take place in the unstable region. Eric Trager of the Washington Institute joined "Real News" Thursday to explain exactly what happened in Cairo, and if there is any way we can expect the Islamic Brotherhood and Egyptian Military to mend fences for any possible acceptance of the results in the presidential runoff election still slated for this weekend.

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