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Church Tithing Gets a Major Revamp With This Digital 'Offering Plate


Tithing, the act of giving a portion -- typically 10 percent -- of one's income to churches and the like, is commonplace in Christian communities. While the monies collected are needed to ensure that churches continue to operate, the process of fund collection can sometimes be intrusive or unpleasant.

So, a technology company, recognizing the awkwardness that sometimes comes with tithing, has created a simpler and easier way for congregants to donate to their churches. Computer programmers in New Carolina have come together to create GivingKIOSK, a company devoted to producing touch-screen software that allows churches to abandon, or simply add to, the traditional practice of passing an offering plate around the pews.

Instead, with the company's cool, innovative developments, parishioners can simply use a touch-screen to input debit and credit card information -- a more tech-friendly and, arguably, a less-obtrusive approach to giving. Plus, considering the changing demographics of churches and the need to attract young people who generally don't carry cash around, this may end up being a welcome change for many houses of worship.

"Too many Church organizations do not have the convenience of paying by credit card or debit and losing the ability to capture Tithes and Offerings that the church may not have otherwise received," the company's web site proclaims. "Checks are on the decline and the Church community needs a way to keep up with the changing landscape of the younger generation. GivingKIOSK was developed and designed to meet this need."

According to the company, GibingKIOSK is already being used in churches across America. From small congregations to large ones, its usage is universal.

Below, check out a video that showcases how the technology works:

(H/T: Business Insider)

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