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He Rebuked Me': President Obama's 'Heckler' Speaks Out


"I thought he was going to end today. I asked my question too early. He rebuked me. Fair enough."

The Daily Caller's Neil Munro made national headlines today after President Obama publicly reprimanded him for asking a question in the middle of his speech on the administration's new immigration policy.

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Munro did an interview with The Daily Caller, his employer, and described how the incident played out, and why he apparently interrupted the President of the United States as he was giving an address.

“I shouldn’t be the story. The important thing is the president’s policy today, which could have a significant impact on American workers," Munro said. I asked a question about that. Admittedly, it was in the middle of his speech. I thought he was ending his speech – his statement – but then I asked a question at the end and he turned his back on the reporters and walked away."

Munro went on, "Timing these things is a little awkward. He speaks very well, very smoothly — very nice delivery. It’s hard to know when he’s about to end. I thought he was going to end today. I asked my question too early. He rebuked me. Fair enough."

Sometimes, Munro explained, the president does allow questions following his speeches in the Rose Garden. For example, Obama took a question when he spoke about Trayvon Martin in Mach. This time, he did not as he quickly turned his back on reporters following his speech.

“You can see the president at press conferences naming people who are to ask a question,” Munro said. “Other reporters sit around quietly not asking questions, not shouting questions because it risks their access to White House off the record comments and future chances of asking questions, but this is a very important issue. There’s no reason we should sit around and wait for another day for an answer on this important question."

Watch Munro's interview with The Daily Caller here:

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