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Real News From The Blaze:' Greek Vote This Weekend and the Future of the EU


Greeks will go to the polls Sunday to vote in a new parliamentary election. With the anti-bailout leftist party Syriza running neck-and-neck with the nation's mainstream conservatives, global observers view Sunday as a referendum on Greece’s membership in the EU. As the world awaits this nail biter and central bank leaders all over the world get ready to flood the global market with liquidity in case the vote goes south - EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso believes he has a plan to rescue the EU and with it, avoid financial Armageddon.

More oversight of Europe’s banks and budgets to move the 17 countries in the union closer together.

Veronique de Rugy of Reason Magazine and George Mason University joined "Real News" Friday to discuss the paths Europe could move forward in depending on how the Greeks vote Sunday. The panel also questioned why the more fiscally stable Germany continues to financially glue together the splintering political union.

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