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Occupy...School?: Oakland Parents and Teachers Protest School Closures


It's never an easy experience for anyone when schools have to close due to budget problems. Parents feel cheated and ignored by the system, teachers have to be laid off or transferred, administrators end up kicked to the curb, and virtually everyone feels shortchanged. But there are good ways to react to it, and then there's the way Oakland parents and teachers have reacted. From CBS San Francisco:

 In protest of the proposed closure of a handful of Oakland elementary schools as a cost-cutting measure of the Oakland Unified School District, parents from the affected schools, teachers and community members have planned and executed demonstrations over the past few days – most recently, “occupying” Lakeview Elementary school Monday morning.

Dozens were participating in the protest on the school’s campus, at 748 Grand Ave., Oakland.

Yes, that's right. Even a routine school closure is enough to bring down the thunder of an "Occupy" protest now. Watch this video report to see the protesters defend themselves in their own words:

 Naturally enough, the protesters have been served eviction notices. And naturally enough, they have taken it as a point of pride that they will not comply. What lovely, rational people.

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