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Have a cry reading about Ann Romney's long struggle with MS


In a lengthy interview with National Review Ann Romney details her diagnosis and battle with MS:

The personal trainer entered the bedroom where Romney was resting. “I remember her coming and literally climbing in my bed, and just moving my limbs, and I was just sitting there, just crying,” Romney says. She recalls thinking, “I can’t believe this — a month ago, I was working out, and I was fit.” Almost overnight, her physical strength had vanished.

Romney was horrified by how fast the disease was moving and her inability to halt it. “Where is this going to end, and how is this going to end?” she wondered. She viewed MS as a “monster” —  it refused to “spit me out,” she says. ...

Time passed. And then Mitt Romney nominated his wife — without telling her — to carry the Olympic torch, citing her as his personal hero. It would be an arduous task for her: Those who carry the Olympic torch run for a quarter-mile before relaying the torch to the next person. For weeks beforehand, Romney practiced, building up her strength.

“She was able to jog the whole thing,” remembers Josh Romney, who was there with her, running alongside his mom.

Read the whole thing here.

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