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MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Doesn't Apologize for Taking Romney Out of Context -- Plays More of Clip Instead


Just didn't get the "chance" to play the entire clip.

You can't even call this half-hearted.

Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday did not apologize for heavily editing a clip of Mitt Romney (hear her original edit here) talking about a Wawa gas station at a recent campaign stop. Instead, she made an excuse, saying she didn't get a "chance" to play the whole thing on Monday and played more of the clip to try and soften the blow meant to portray him as out of touch:


The clip Mitchell played Tuesday does offer a little more context, but it should be noted that Mitchell -- after laughing at it yesterday -- did not take the time to explain the full context: Romney was discussing how private enterprise is more efficient than government. Watch the full version below:

And all this raises the question: If it was simply a case of Mitchell not having the "chance" to play the full clip on Monday, then why did she even play it in the first place? If the point was to have a fair discussion on Romney and his statements, then there would be no question that she and her team would have played the full clip and given the context.

But I think we know the points wasn't a fair discussion. It was to get a cheap laugh and mock the former governor. And they achieved their goal.

This time they just got caught.

UPDATE: The folks over at MRC TV have done the work of playing Mitchell's edited video alongside the actual one. After seeing it, you decide if she did justice by only playing the small, extra clip she did:

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