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Some Never Learn: MSNBC Caught Selectively Editing Romney Video to Make Him Seem 'Out of Touch'


"I get the feeling-- take a look at this-- that Mitt Romney has not been to too many Wawa's along the roadside in Pennsylvania"

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UPDATE: Mitchell responded to the controversy on Tuesday. Watch how she addressed it, but didn't apologize, here.


After NBC was caught selectively editing the George Zimmerman police tapes to make it seem like he was volunteering racial information, MSNBC has been caught editing a clip of Mitt Romney to make him seem wildly "out of touch," when he was really just explaining the difference between the private and public sectors.

In the MSNBC clip, Romney is shown discussing Wawa's convenience stores like he has never been to one before (presumably because he is "too good" for such an establishment).

Introduced by Andrea Mitchell saying: "I get the feeling--take a look at this-- that Mitt Romney has not been to too many Wawa's along the roadside in Pennsylvania," Romney says: "I was at Wawa's, I wanted to order a sandwich.  You press the little touch tone keypad, alright, you just touch that, and you know, the sandwich comes at you, touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, there's your sandwich.  It's amazing."

Momentarily speechless, Mitchell repeats, "It's amazing," as her guest breaks into sharp laughter.

Too bad the clip was taken wildly out of context.

In reality, Romney was illustrating the difference between private and public sector efficiency.  After telling a story where his friend had to fill out a 33-page form twice to complete a change of address with the government, Romney holds up touch-tone sandwich-ordering as an example of private sector efficiency-- not as a marvel of how the "common" man lives.

Watch Andrea Mitchell's version here:

And watch the real clip, here:

Even Politico wrote a story on the speech today, failing to add any context whatsoever to "Romney's Wawa visit."

Right Scoop concludes: "Romney isn’t out of touch here at all.  Whether you like his comparison or not, it was absolutely not what was represented by MSNBC."

(H/T: Right Scoop)

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