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Pastor Pleads for Return of Food Delivery Truck Stolen From Chicago Food Pantry


"...it had to be someone that really didn’t care..."

Times are tough. The down economy has made life even more cumbersome for America's poor, which is why a tragic story about theft coming out of West Pullman, Chicago, is that much more infuriating. Police are currently searching for a food pantry delivery truck that was stolen from a pastor who purchased the vehicle just two weeks ago.

The Rev. Virgil Jones is speaking out about the truck, which was being used to transport food to people in grave need. After parking it outside of the Mother Jones Food Pantry and delivering some food with his personal car, Jones returned to find the large vehicle stolen. Naturally, the faith leader is heartbroken and appealing to the community for help locating it.

"We’ve been here for over four years, everybody in the neighborhood knows what we’re doing," Jones said. "So, it had to be someone that really didn’t care or didn’t know what we did for the community."

Watch the CBS report, below, for more:

According to CBS Chicago, Jones believes that someone towed the truck, as there was no smashed glass to indicate that it had been broken into. Additionally, he noticed tracks on the grass, indicating that the vehicle was dragged.

The truck was a much-needed tool for the ministry, as Jones and his team have been picking up thousands of pounds of food each month. After saving up for quite a long time and finally purchasing the vehicle, the notion that it is gone before the reverend even received the title is a horrific reality. Now, Jones is forced to, once again, use his personal car to pick up food.

"We pick up between 6,000 and 9,000 pounds of food – sometimes twice a month. We pick up food three times a month from the Greater Food Depository," Jones explained. "I need a big truck."

With the community relying heavily on the faith leader, he's hoping and praying that the 17-foot vehicle (a former Budget rental truck) is returned.

(H/T: CBS Chicago)

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