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Anti-Bullying: 'It Gets Better' Founder Dan Savage Calls Conservative Gays 'House F****ts


Dan Savage, founder of the anti-gay-bullying organization "It Gets Better," is well known for behaving in ways that seem rather like...well, a bully. Whether it's cursing at Christian teenagers from the pulpit, or turning Rick Santorum's last name into a demeaning neologism, Savage has made a name for himself as a scourge of the Religious Right, no matter how much he wants to pretend to oppose bullying now.

Besides, now Savage has moved on from simply attacking the Religious Right, and outed himself as purely partisan. Why? Because his most recent target is not a religious target -- in fact, its members have come under fire from the religious Right. Who are they? None other than the conservative gay organization GOProud, which Savage is attacking for the sin of supporting Mitt Romney.

This is an anti-bullying crusader? Someone who uses a slur he himself encounters against his ideological opponents while implying that they will be subject to violation from behind? Really? We think not.

As pseudonymous author Spencer Dewitt remarked of Savage:

He indulges himself with nastiness not because there is nothing he can think of worth praising, but because he is too lazy and/or cowardly to advance the cause of that which he likes, and so would rather denounce that which he dislikes. In the almost inevitable event that he does decide to advance constructive arguments for that which he likes, they almost invariably will be both mind-bogglingly vapid, and infuriatingly smug, as if [Savage] believes that whatever meaningless cliche has managed to ossify inside his otherwise poisonous cranium is incontrovertible truth. [...]

He is the Louis Farrakhan of gay people, and should be outed as such.

Not much else can be said.


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