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Video: Blogger Again Claims to Have Outwitted TSA Full-Body Scanner

Image source: YouTube

An American blogger has again claimed to have tricked a Transportation Security Administration's full-body scanner by going through with a metal object hidden on the side of his body.

A video posted Wednesday on Jonathan Corbett's "TSA Out of Our Pants!" blog appears to show him go through an airport scanner with the undetected object -- all from the TSA's very own security footage, said to have been obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. As Corbett prepares to go through the scanner in the video, a small object is briefly visible on the side of his body. Corbett's video describes it as a "metal object in the handmade side pocket." A few moments later, the footage shows him passing through the scanner and being allowed to leave without incident. The object would be on the opposite side of his body and is not visible as he exits the screening area.

TSA blogger vid

Watch below:

As Corbett -- who is currently suing the TSA over the use of the machines -- explained in a similar video published in March, the key is that metal objects show up easily against the white image of a person being scanned, but blend into the dark background when hidden on the side:

TSA blogger

From The Blaze's March report on that first video:

Corbett’s video shows him sewing a side pocket into his clothing in which to carry a small metal case. The video then shows him, by way of a hidden camera in his luggage, approaching two different TSA checkpoints and then emerging on the other side with the case, apparently undetected. Because the camera went through a separate scanner in Corbett’s luggage, it does not actually show him walking through the full-body scanner with the case.

Watch the March video below:

Unlike in March, Corbett's latest video does show him walking through the full-body scanner after having the object briefly visible on the side of his clothing, albeit without it visible after he went through.

When Corbett's first video was published, TSA spokesman Greg Soule told The Blaze it was a "crude attempt to allegedly show how to circumvent TSA screening procedures."

An emailed request to the TSA for comment on Corbett's latest video was not immediately returned.

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