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Embarrassing' Source of Revenue?: New York Could Institute Speed Cameras


"...the city is trying different ways to milk the citizens of this country."

It's no secret that automatic cameras snapping the license plate numbers of red-light-runners and stop-sign-coasters generates revenue for cities -- especially since they're constantly on and a uniformed officer is not actively monitoring and getting paid to catch the would-be traffic offenders.

Danny Rodriguez of New York thinks these cameras are fine. But speed cameras? Those go too far for him.

CBS Local for New York reports that lawmakers have introduced a bill, which could pass in the state Senate at the end of the week, to install 40 speed cameras. Although the onus for the cameras is to cut down on speeding and for safety, some wonder whether the government sees them as a cash cow:

“Stop signs and red-lights, I agree with. A little bit over the speed limit? Everyone goes a little over the speed limit once in a while,” [Rodriguez] said.


“I think it’s embarrassing the city is trying different ways to milk the citizens of this country,” said Danielle Beckforth.

Others interviewed by CBS simply said they would take alternative routes to avoid the speed traps. Only monetary fines will be issued for violations should the bill pass. Points will not be added onto driver's licenses.

Watch CBS 2's report:

In October of last year, we reported that one in every five Americans live in a community using for-profit companies to install and operate cameras such as these. In some of these cases, the cities were required to share revenue with these companies generated from the tickets issued, causing some to worry about the potential for quotas.

Robert Sinclair with AAA told WCBS 880 revenue is a motive for installing these cameras. Sinclair also said that it is "impossible for to defend yourself" in court against these cameras, should you challenge your ticket.

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