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Former CIA operative on intel leaks: Obama admin's claims of innocence 'absurd

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On the "Imus in the Morning" radio/TV program today, Imus interviewed recurring guest Mike Baker about several intelligence leaks and the investigations being conducted on where the leaks came from.

Baker, who spent 14 years in covert operations with the CIA, doesn't buy Obama's claims that the leaks -- which coincidentally were used to make the president look good -- did not come from him or anybody in his administration.

IMUS: People in the CIA know where all this information came from. The president, of course, is denying it came from him or anybody in his administration. But that's absurd, isn't it?

BAKER: It is absurd. This thing is absolutely driving me crazy. It's enough to make your head explode if you're concerned about the protection of our secrets, our national security. It's a short list of individuals who had access to these operations.

Baker's takedown of the administration's lies and the threat posed to U.S. intelligence operations (and those of our allies) is stark and pointed.

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