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Real News From The Blaze:' Is Occupy Wall Street Dead?


Remember when "May Day" was supposed to be the jolt of adrenaline for the dreary Occupy Wall Street movement in 2012? In the fall of 2011 OWS began as a day of rage in New York City but soon turned into a global uprising of "the 99 percent," broadly bringing attention to growing income inequality and the connection between business and political interests, as well as splintering off into smaller and often more radical progressive causes. While the protests were heavily covered by the media, and left their mark in costs to local municipalities following the movements tendency to allign themselves with individuals fond of destroying personal property and clashing with the police, the movement now finds itself largely absent from the national political dialogue with less than 140 days until elections in the United States.

Van Jones has often tried to piggy-back his ideas and work on the Occupy Wall Street movement, so when the progressive "Take Back the American Dream" conference he organized in Washington D.C. this week drew only a few hundred demoralized leftists, many have subsequently asked whether the movement--which was once described by George Will as "the spirit and intellect of the American Left"--has hit a wall.

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