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Unhealthy: Rielle Hunter believes she and John Edwards are like 'Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel


More trash from Rielle Hunter who's running around promoting her new book. The book that details her affair with America's No. 1 Husband John Edwards and calls the late Elizabeth Edwards a "witch on wheels."

Rielle suggests in the book that "the love is there" still between her and Edwards. On whether she wants to be married to Edwards, Rielle told People magazine, “I like my space. Not having to deal with the day-in, day-out. Like [actors] Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell -- that keeps the home fires going.”

The New York Post explains the awe-inspiring comparison:

Hawn and Russell have been together for decades and raised four kids together, though only one is their biological child. They’ve never tied the knot.

Could this get any worse? I hope so.

[New York Post]

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