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Chris Christie on VP: If Romney calls 'I owe it to him to listen


A profile in The Atlantic almost entirely devoted to Chris Christie's love for Bruce Springsteen has a quote from the New Jersey Governor on the possibility of being selected to run as Mitt Romney's No. 2.

“I’d rather be here in New Jersey and be governor," Christie said, "but obviously if Governor Romney calls and wants to talk about it, I owe it to him to listen”

And there's this:

“Do you think Mitt Romney could relate to this? To a Bruce Springsteen show?”

[Christie] looks at me like I’m from France. “No one is beyond the reach of Bruce!” he screams over the noise of the crowd, and then screams it again, to make sure I understand: “No one is beyond the reach of Bruce!”

What about Newt?

“He’s been married three times!,” Christie answers. “He’d get this. You know what I mean?”


[The Atlantic]

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