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The 'Harbinger' Part II: Author Returns to GBTV, Explains The Book's Deeper Message


God is trying to warn us.

On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck welcomed back guest Jonathan Cahn, Messianic Rabbi and author of the new, controversial book, "The Harbinger." Yesterday, The Blaze explained the premise of the book, which posits that an ancient mystery, originating in ancient Israel, is predicting America's future.

Cahn talked about how even the topic of interest rates and the economic collapse can be attributed to Isaiah 9:10, and explained how trying to solve problems "without God" will only lead to "another calamity." He also discussed the significance of the "sabbath year" or "shmita," which occurs once every seven years and is marked by all debts being forgiven.

Cahn claims that the greatest stock market crash in American history occurred on this day, marked by the Jewish calendar date of "Elul 29."

Beck said that he doesn't know for certain whether there is anything to the Rabbi's theories on shmita or harbingers, but that he believes the overarching "message" to be true.

"The book opened doors in my head," Beck said. And both agreed, that if all was "hopeless," God would not be delivering these harbingers as a warning sign for the people.

"We can't maintain our blessings without God," said Cahn. If America does not follow God "don't expect the miles of heaven.

Beck said that one does not need to be religious, believe in God or even the prophecy to learn the important message he feels is offered in "The Harbinger."

Watch part II of this fascinating interview below:

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