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Ann Curry calls Matt Lauer 'glib


It was Ann Curry's last time co-hosting NBC's Today yesterday morning. Before heading out she did an interview with USA Today to break the news and had this to say about her co-host Matt Lauer:

"Well,we've had a terrific relationship for all these years, and he's such a star. Obviously he's considered the golden boy of morning television. He's so good when you sit next to him; it's hard not to be helped by that. He's funny and glib, and he knows how the show works. It's been my honor in this last year to sit next to him."

If you didn't catch the joke, Actor Tom Cruise obnoxiously famously called Lauer "glib" during a 2007 interview on Today. Relive that beautiful moment here.

[USA Today, Dlisted]

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