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Michael Moore Gloats Over GOP 'Smack Down' in Obamacare Ruling, Says We're On the Road to Universal Health Care


But even still, the bill doesn't go "far enough."

In an interview with Democracy Now to discuss the historic Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, controversial filmmaker Michael Moore told his hosts that in spite of all his "concerns" that the Affordable Care Act does not go "far enough" in establishing universal health care, the high court's decision "really is a huge victory for our side."

The "right wing was handed a serious defeat," Moore gloated as he called the SCOTUS ruling a "real smack-down" of how Republicans "believe our country should be structured."

"Everyone should feel good right now."

Moore focused on next steps and said that while everyone should "pause and celebrate this victory," the left must continue to "keep moving the ball down the field."

Ultimately, Moore would like to see a a single-payer system in effect, and believes the Court's ruling will make it easier for progressives to realize this goal.

"It moves history forward on the right path," Moore said of the single-payer, universal health care system he hopes to achieve.

The only downside to the SCOTUS decision, according to Moore, is that insurance companies will reap financial benefits as well. He insisted that lawmakers "can’t allow private insurance" to make a profit "off of people being sick."

Oddly, while Chief Justice Roberts is garnering praise among most leftists for handing down the vote that ultimately swung Obamacare in the president's favor, other progressives believe his decision was merely a sinister push to help insurance companies profit.

Watch Moore's interview below:

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