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Disturbing': Paul Ryan reacts to SCOTUS ObamaCare ruling


Appearing on ABC’s “This Week” yesterday, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan suggested that Chief Justice John Roberts had to “contort logic and reason” to craft his decision on upholding President Obama's health care law.

“Well, I don’t agree with his ruling. I agree with the dissenting judges. I think they basically had to rewrite the statute in order to call this a tax,” Ryan said. “He did have some good principles, which is the Commerce Clause and necessary and proper clause, meaning there is a limit to what Congress can do to affect people’s behavior. But if you call it a tax, you can tax anybody to do anything you want from government, apparently. That to me is a disturbing ruling. That to me is rewriting this law.”

“And what’s frustrating about this is, when Obamacare was being deliberated, we were offering patient-centered solutions,” Ryan added. “I’ll just say this: we can have a health care system in America where everybody has affordable access to health insurance, including people with pre-existing conditions, without a government takeover.”


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