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The Guy With the Most Awkward Interviews You've Ever Seen Interrupts Actual News Interview! (But Is He an Actor?)


You may remember "Kyle" from his viral video last year. If you've seen it, it's hard to forget. See, in it "Kyle" appears to be an amateur reporter that likes to interview sports figures and sports fan. In July 2011, he went to the Giants-Dodgers game and instantly became viral gold because of his extremely awkward demeanor:

Well, Kyle is back. Actually, he never really went away. Kyle has a YouTube channel that features his awkward interviews. But his latest one -- where he went to the Miami Heat victory parade -- is going viral, especially after he managed to get into it with an actual reporter from WSVN-TV.

Now, it should be noted that after we dug some more, it's obvious that "Kyle" is an act. The YouTube channel where the video lives features the same actor portraying several other characters. It appears he's actually the actor Kyle Mooney. Still, even though Kyle the interviewer is a character, that doesn't make his interviews any less funny (because no one else seems to know he's acting).

So without further ado, here's Kyle's latest video. The run-in with the actual reporter, Kevin Ozebek, happens around 1:04 and again at 2:30:

Kyla also included the full, uncut "interview" with the local reporter:

(H/T: TV Spy)

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