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Farrakhan Delights: 'You're Living Now in the Fall of the United States' and Its 'Imperial Designs


" the midst of [America's] death there's a living entity calling us to higher civilization."

The Minister Louis Farrakhan has a penchant for warning about America's purported demise. Last month, he delivered a fiery, three-hour sermon during which he proclaimed that Allah will "take out" U.S. cities with earthquakes. The radical faith leader also warned that America must "submit" to avoid this impending chaos.

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On Sunday, Farrakhan continued this theme, although he did so in a much more toned-down manner. Still, he seemed to border on delighting in what he sees as the impending destruction of both the U.S. and Europe, chastising their "imperial" ways and their alleged mistreatment of mankind.

"But if you live the kind of life that Christ and Muhammad called human beings to live, there's no such thing as death. Physically we all have to go, but death can only come when your vanity, your greed, your self-conceit ends your days. And that's why the Koran talks about the rise and the fall of nations because they rise in their power and knowledge and become vein and then they fall away and they die.

So you read about the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Persian Empire, the fall of Ancient Egypt, the fall of Ancient Babylon and you're living now in the fall of the United States of America and Europe and their imperial designs on the masses of the people of the earth. But they are dying and in the midst of their death there's a living entity calling us to higher civilization. Calling us to social beings that understand our connection to other human beings. In the animal kingdom all of us are a part of the ecosystem of God...there is no death for those who live beyond themselves."

Watch Farrakhan in his own words, below:

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