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In Honor of Andy Griffith: The Top Ten Video Moments From 'Mayberry


"TV shows come and go, but there's only one Andy Griffith"

For many, Andy Griffith represents an idyllic time in American history.  As Sheriff Andy Taylor on 1960s TV comedy "The Andy Griffith Show," he kept the peace and made people laugh, while embodying the country's ideals.

According to his friend Bill Friday, one of the country's most beloved actors died Tuesday at age 86, at his home in North Carolina.

In 2005, when he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom, then-President George W. Bush aptly described the man and where he stood in the country's consciousness: "TV shows come and go, but there's only one Andy Griffith."

In his honor, we have compiled some of best moments in "Mayberry," the fictional town where he was sheriff:

10) An embodiment of simpler times, "Citizen's Arrest" follows what happens after Barney arrests Gomer for making an illegal U-turn.  Start at around 4 minutes for the best part of the scene:

9) In "Barney's First Car," Andy chastises Barney for withdrawing his entire life's savings, $300, to buy his own car.  The last big purchase he made was an anniversary present for his parents, he says-- a septic tank.  "For their anniversary?" Andy asks.

8) In "A Wife for Andy," Barney plays matchmaker but ends up not liking the woman, Opie's teacher, after learning she can't cook and wouldn't stop working if she got married.

7) In "Andy's English Valet," Bernard Fox makes his first appearance as the tourist Malcolm, calling Andy "constable" instead of "sheriff."  Barney thinks the Englishman is Canadian.

6) In "Jailbreak," Barney accidentally lets a fugitive escape from jail. The clip opens with Barney desperately trying to win the respect of a walk-in who only wants to see the sheriff.

5) In "High Noon in Mayberry," Barney becomes convinced that an ex-con really only came to town for revenge. "Been wanting to see you for a long time to set things straight between us," Barney reads the man's letter aloud. "Now he's coming here to gun you down for revenge!" he says to Andy, "It's all right here...between the lines. All you gotta do is look for it!"

4) In "Three Wishes for Opie," wishes start coming true in Mayberry, and Barney has a superstitious explanation.

3) In "The New Housekeeper," Opie is upset that his housekeeper is getting married and leaving. "You told me I could speak now, or forever hold my peace!" he protests. "Well now I'm telling you if you don't hush up, you'll be forever holding the seat of your britches," Andy says with a smile.

2) In "Opie and the Bully" Andy has to decide whether to interfere on Opie's behalf with a school bully.  See how one of America's favorite fathers tackled the problem:

1) Finally, in "The Pickle Story," the gang finds itself in a "pickle" after pretending to like Aunt Bee's less-than-tasty snacks. Watch what happens, below:

"The Andy Griffith Show" was a loving portrait of the town where few grew up but many wished they did — a place where all foibles are forgiven and friendships are forever. Villains came through town and moved on, usually changed by their stay in Mayberry. That was all a credit to Griffith, Craig Fincannon, who met Griffith in 1974, said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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