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Prepared' for Anything: Boy Scouts Save Brazilian Tourist From Alleged Florida Thief


"What if you saw this happening and did nothing?"

17 boy scouts from troop 850 in Princeton, New Jersey were on a biking trip in Key West, Florida when, according to CBS Miami, a barefoot man ran past them, followed by a second man shouting for help.

"Basically we were stopped at an intersection with everyone on the bikes," one of the scouts explained, when they realized that someone had been robbed.  "People were shouting 'stop!' [and] 'get that guy!'" he elaborated.

The alleged robber was identified as 38-year-old Jason Norwood, and the victim as Brazilian tourist Adriano Furlan.

"When we see someone in trouble, we're kind of like...'Ok, we need to help them,'" another scout stated simply, forming quite a contrast with last month's newsworthy students, who ruthlessly bullied an elderly bus monitor.

And so the chase began, the scouts keeping the barefoot runner in sight while maintaining a healthy distance, as their leader called 911.

"17 boy scouts chasing one person was pretty funny," the scouts' leader Tim Spring admitted.

After the barefoot man took refuge behind a place called "The Banyan," Spring said the alleged thief emerged acting as though the scouts had been chasing him, "as if we were the criminals."

The scouts' leader continued sarcastically: "I told him: 'Don't worry, we'll straighten it out when the police come," and when the police arrived the man was handcuffed immediately.

But where were the stolen goods?

CBS reports that the police recovered the Brazilian man's wallet, but the phone was nowhere to be found.

Making a feel-good story even better, the scouts then proceeded to comb the area until they found the missing device, which had been tossed into a bush, complete with a fingerprint for police.

“There was concern about whether the suspect was armed, but there is also a moral fork in the road where you ask, ‘What if you saw this happening and did nothing?’” scout leader Spring asked.

The Brazilian tourist reportedly thanked the group profusely, saying: “You helped turn what could have been a ‘ruined vacation’ into the opposite — a very positive and inspiring experience.”

Cops took 38 year old Jason Norwood into custody, and charged him with larceny and grand theft, charges serious enough to land him in the Monroe County jail without bond.

CBS concludes: "The tourist got his phone back, Key West police got their man, and the Princeton boy scout troop got the best 'what I did this summer' story of anyone they know."

Watch CBS' interview with the scouts and their leader, below:


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