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When Women Got the Right to Vote...': Rush Limbaugh Sets Trap for Outraged Liberals


Ever since the controversy surrounding his comments comparing Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke to a lady of questionable virtue, Leftists have been trying to make Rush Limbaugh the poster child of enduring sexism in American public life. So far, it hasn't worked, and much to the despair of his detractors at Media Matters, Limbaugh has recovered from that particular bit of controversy.

In fact, so great has Limbaugh's recovery been that he is now openly taunting his former critics on his show by making obviously joking, but still highly controversial statements about gender politics, with the express intent of seeing which liberal critics will take the bait. Limbaugh fired an opening salvo in this regard today when one caller called in to complain about the problem of 18 year olds having the right to vote. Limbaugh, without missing a beat, fired back:

"I can do one better than that. When women got the right to vote's when it all went downhill," Limbaugh said. "Because that's when votes started being cast with emotion and maternal instincts that government ought to reflect."

Limbaugh later clarified that this was purely a joke, but that those who found this line of reasoning persuasive could read Ann Coulter's arguments on the subject (For those in Rio Linda, as Limbaugh might say, Coulter is herself a woman). So why did Limbaugh make this remark if he doesn't believe it? Simple - to see which liberals would pick it up and run with it. The Daily Rushbo, which cut the clip, makes this explicit:

Limbaugh said this while responding to a caller about Obamacare. Rush was clearly joking about this and also credited Ann Coulter with actually having written it. But let’s just sit back and see if the Libs heads start spinning over this joke.

Listen to Limbaugh set this trap below:

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