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Fu** the Police': Occupiers Celebrate 4th of July by...Burning American Flags and Vandalizing Police Property


"Kill cops"


If ever you hear someone talk about how peaceful and American the Occupy movement is, you need only to send them this story.

Local news reports out of Oakland, Calif., have noted that the Occupy Oakland group held a march on the 4th of July that resulted in vandalism of a police headquarters and a patrol car. And while that's true, The Blaze has found some of the pictures and video from the event that paint a much more sinister picture -- a picture filled with burned American flags and anti-American sentiment.

For a little background, here is how the Oakland Tribune describes what happened:

The march began about 8 p.m. near 14th Street and Broadway, continued down Broadway to police headquarters at Seventh Street and Broadway and then moved to other streets before coming back to Frank Ogawa Plaza. The one arrest occurred at the plaza.

Sgt. Roland Holmgren said protesters painted "kill cops" on a door at police headquarters and similar messages at City Hall, the police Internal Affairs Division near City Hall, a clothing store, hotel and a bank.

Protesters also spray-painted a patrol car parked near Seventh and Washington streets, punctured one of its tires and broke a window, Holmgren said. The garbage bin was set ablaze near 11th and Clay streets.

But that doesn't do what happened justice. A search of the group's regular internet haunts shows the extent of the vandalism and the anti-American sentiment.

For starters, it should be noted that the march was dubbed "Fu** the Fourth," hardly a name meant to celebrate patriotism. A flickr page shows some of the vandalism on the police. But the real tone of the event is captured on a Facebook page sympathetic to the cause. It includes the police photos but also goes further and shows some of the group burning American flags and attaching them to what appears to be City Hall:

But the photos aren't all. The Occupiers were so proud of what they were doing that they even recorded their actions. Below are two videos of what happened. The first is a shortened version and the second is the full length video (CONTENT WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE):

One outlet notes that it appears the violence was the result of anarchists. But Occupy Oakland has long been a safe place for anarchists to find shelter, and its become nearly impossible to talk about one group without referencing the other.

So what happened to the Occupiers as a result? News reports note no one was arrested for the violence. One person, however, was taken into custody "on suspicion of not having a sound permit for a speaker system and obstructing an officer."

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