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One Particular Network': Valerie Jarrett Accuses Media of Fabricating Obama 'Class Warfare


There is a terribly tired joke that goes, "Denial is not just a river in Egypt." Perhaps not, but it certainly appears to be at the core of Valerie Jarrett's psyche. A video released today by RealClearPolitics shows Jarrett blaming an unnamed news network for fabricating the idea that the Obama administration is engaged in class warfare. Jarrett was responding to this question by an interviewer:

So many businessmen and others have said that the message has become one of class warfare, attacking the rich, attacking people who make a profit, people who make jobs. Why is that that tone has been set that people believe that this is a class war?

As you'll see, Jarrett's response is rather cryptic:

Now, all we know about this unnamed news network is that it's not CNN. As such, we hope MSNBC will take note of Jarrett's none-too-subtle hint to tone their deranged attacks on Mitt Romney's wealth down.

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